Evocoding is a dedicated, expert and friendly business that is specialized in making it certain that the clients receive the best return on their investment – best software solution for their business needs. Located in Bourgas, we are a software consulting company with more that ten years of experience in the business.

We have experience in almost whole sector of it services – please check our portfolio for more information.

Over the past few years, we have been dedicated in helping number of businesses in different industries. We are closely working with leaflet distribution companies, domain tracking companies, cross stitching sites, GPS and video tracking companies, SEO marketing experts and many other authorities. We collectively combined our ideas together and work for the best purpose of meeting their core objectives.

Talanted designers

With over 7 years of experience as a web and graphic designers our team is the perfect match for your business needs.

We will provide you the best design for your customers on an affordable price. We can afford you all kind of print design services as – flyer, menu, leaflet and etc designs. We can make you the fastest and most beautiful responsive design for your website or application too.

And last but not the least we offer you mobile app design.

We have one of the best software developers not only in the country, but maybe in the world.

With over 12 years of experience in industries like airlines, stock trading systems, mobile app, aviation ticketing systems, virtual machine providers and many more, we have really huge coverage of known coding languages and frameworks.

We are sure we will provide you the best experience for small and medium company software solutions.

Software rockstars
Solid Administrators

We can be proud with the up-time of our custom developed systems. All the outages we had was due to external libraries and services we use as apache and php bugs for example.

We specialized at 245 and 247 systems, where our main purpose is to deliver maximum performance on minimal hardware for our clients.